How to be the captain of your own life

As a creative hsp / empath it's sometimes hard to stay in charge of your own life, as life can get very overwhelming at times. For me it has been -and sometimes still is- a struggle to keep my head above water when I'm in stressful and triggering situations. I know for a fact that there are so many more sensitive souls like me and I wanted to compile a book, where kindred spirits share their lifehacks and strategies on how to deal with this wonderful, but often challenging way of being.

What started out as an inspired hunch, turned out to be the most heart warming collaboration I have ever participated.
All these lovely ladies, who are part of Susannah Conway’s community of heart centered entrepreneurs, participating in the 'inside story', accepted my invitation to shine their light on ‘How to be the captain of your own life’ . They wrote beautiful inside stories, sharing their knowledge and life saving insights from their personal and professional perspective. How blessed I feel with their stories and how grateful I am to be able to share these gems.



Susanna Grace
| The art of Being Whole with your Whole Being,  Margot Duncan | Chi is the Key, Shinjini Mehrotra | What message does my higher self have for me about this situation, Alauna Whelan | The elements of the sacred feminine, Terri Connellan | Anchors of self-leadership in seas of change, Lynn Hanford-Day | Art as my life boat
, Karin Gutman | The Healing Power of Writing Your Story, Elizabeth Milligan | Reclaiming wholeness, Janelle Hardy | Personal Mythology, Angelique Desiree | How many captains are on your ship | How to feel miserable as an artist


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