Paqo - Lou

Paqo – Lou

Halfway of May I will be going to Peru.

To do what? they ask.

The description of the book :“The Andean Cosmovision : A Path for Exploring Profound Aspects of Ourselves, Nature, and the Cosmos” says it all.
In the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing more and more about this path and what it means to me.


The Andean Cosmovision is a way of perceiving and interacting with reality that has its roots in the traditional, indigenous culture of the high Andes. It is fundamentally different than the Western worldview. This Cosmovision is not a set of concepts or beliefs. It cannot be described or encompassed by words. It can, however, be experienced and it can be explored.

The Cosmovision provides a path for discovering profound aspects of ourselves and the Cosmos. It is a path with a heart. It nourishes a more loving and mutually supportive relationship between ourselves and nature and the Cosmos. In addition to being personally significant, this relationship may be exactly what our species needs to start heading toward a future of greater beauty and greater health for the planet. For this path you don’t need a guru. You need the Pachamama (the great being who is the mother earth); you need the Apus (the great beings who are the majestic mountain peaks); you need the stars, the wind, the trees, the rivers, the sun.

still from the movie: Paqo andino – //