The captain of your life

I am an artist, designer, storyteller and artistic coach, with a passion for energy work and Peruvian shamanism. I share big themes in small stories and let  art serve as a healing- and connection tool for the soul.

I make illustrations and write about (re)gaining captainship of your own life, as I strongly believe that the world is in need of "creative hsp / empaths" to shine their lights and confidently guide less sensitive peeps to a world that contains more compassion, nature, and love.

I offer inspirational artwork, blogs, essays and creative e-courses in mixed media illustrations,  autonomy and energy- and soul restoration.

 Are you ready for a shift?


Angelique guides you in a careful and dedicated manner to your core, your themes and supports you where necessary in shaping.
She “gives” a lot and bakes delicious cookies.



My illustrations are my lifesavers. They help me to make sense of this ludicrous world.


How to slay your dragons, manage your energy and feel better as a creative hsp empath

Your illustration reminds me to love myself


Let’s fly and make magic

As a creative hsp empath I often considered myself oversensitive, peculiar, difficult and not welcome in this world. The ratrace of power struggles, unfairness and inconsiderate people seemed too much to handle and I could not and would not change into someone who would fit in. 

Nowadays I see that these kind of creative empaths precisely, are essential for the neccessary change in this brutal world. Where the previous ‘new age’ movement was a too far spaced out to reach the masses with their love and peace message, this current collection of creative and sensitive empaths, have the pioneering spirit to build a bridge to a lighter and brighter future.

Does this sound idealistic? Exellent! Ideals contain hope and light energy and that is exactly what the world needs right now. Wanna come and make magic with me?


“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”


-Steve Jobs

Download my e-book

In 2017 I have initiated the compiling of an e-book, together with eight heart-working ladies from all over the world around the topic of how to be the captain of your life. I am so exited to be able to share it with you! It has become a true gem, much more than I had hoped for. These inspiring stories comfirm and compliment each other in a lovely way and emphasize the importance of tuning in and staying centred en true to your soul’s wishes. Get your free copy and enjoy it!

You have awakened my soul!


Healty habits of resilient creative empaths

These ingredients will make you resilient and a more powerful creative hsp / empath
~And that’s a good thing; the world needs strong and sensitive spirits~

Soul attunement

When you are attuned with your soul, your higher self and your wisdom, you automatically feel stronger and carried, as the Universe has your back.

Energy management

We notice and absorb a lot more than we can handle most of the times. It is vital for our wellbeing to discharge heavy energy and replenish vital energy.

Creative me-time

Creative energy is source energy and revitalises every aspect of your life. It thrives by imperfection and wanderlust. Grant yourself your daily dose of purposeless creativity.

E-Course | The heroine in your own life

To effectively tune in to your soul, you must first know yourself and what you are made of. Get to know your different aspects and map them out, so you know where you are at, in particular areas of your life. This creative and insightful e-course helps you make this personal map.

E-Course | Master your living energy

What is it that attacks your energy levels? Is it the impulses, is it the energy other people carry with them? How to deal with getting overstimulated? This creative and energetic e-course teaches you ancient Peruvian and proven modern energy management techniques.

E-course | Art & play

To have a playful and creative life, is to be resilient and happy. There is magic in imagination and to visualise is to materialise. This creative e-course brings light and creativity in your daily life, by prompting you to wander and dismiss perfectionism. It is also inspiring you to replenish in nature while finding natural materials to draw with. 

Angelique stimulates you to connect to yourself, giving you a clear picture of what is going on in your life at that moment.
You know what needs adjustment or, if it feels good, that you are on the right track.


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